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Life as a Startup Founder Doesn't Have to be Hard
Startup Action guides founders to launch, grow and raise capital successfully

Without expert advice

With expert advice

Being a startup founder is hard, resulting in countless mistakes that hurt your startup.

What if... you could rely on an expert to guide you instead?

Meet your startup advisor: 

Melinda Elmborg was a Venture Capital Investor at the French VC firm Daphni. To help founders build, grow and raise capital to their startups, she switched careers to become a startup consultant and coach. In 2018, she started Startup Action. 

Based on her learnings and network, she has created the Startup Action Incubator where founders get access to the support they need to succeed.

She is also Co-Lead at the Accelerator Fast Track Malmö, where she helps teams to accelerate their growth and raise their first VC round.

So far, over 500+ founders have already joined one of her workshops and thousands of founders have taken advantage of her templates and guides to succeed with their startup.

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Melinda has already coached 500+ founders at 

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What founders say about Melinda's advice

We were at a point where our growth was stalled, which was very frustrating. We tried to invest in Paid Marketing through Facebook, but we didn't see the return on investment.

Through a fellow startup founder, I got in touch with Melinda from Startup Action. She helped us open up the black box of our business to actually understand what is happening inside. What gets measured gets managed, is really true!

At this point, we've doubled our revenue in the last 6 months while spending a fraction of what we spent before on marketing. We've been strengthened as a business!

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Kave Soultani
CEO and Co-Founder Medpeople

For almost a year, we had been struggling with finding someone with the right experience and skill set within growth hacking, metrics and digital growth, who could help us get on the track with our digital sales funnel.

Lucky enough, we had the fortune to get a series of coaching sessions with Melinda from Startup Action. She is the most experienced person I have met within the growth hacking and metrics field. She had a very structured and pragmatic way to analyze our needs and help us get on the track. 

This has been a mind-blowing experience! This is a MUST for all digital/SaaS-startups!

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Tobias Rydell
CEO and Co-Founder CE Check

"My investment in Melinda's services yielded amazing returns immediately. The content in the Investment Package is perfectly balanced and up-to-date, saving me countless hours and honing in my focus on the right parts of the pitch.

I'm convinced that the package combined with her personal coaching will help me raise the optimal round size from the right investors, in far less time than I could by myself."

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Nima Samimi
Co-founder AlexisHR

As a first-time founder, the best thing you can do is to gather insights from people who have good learnings to share to avoid unnecessary trial and error. Melinda was someone I instantly felt a connection to and who understood our vision right from the start. I truly enjoyed her ability to take on our case by asking the right questions and her practical approach made it easy to implement her tools in our process. I would highly recommend Melinda to anyone who needs an extra partner in an early stage and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

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Jonna Knibestöl
CEO and founder of Beaubi
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